Calculating Density

Density Calculation of a PalletA shipment’s density is only one of the factors that determines the freight rate. BestFreightRate will help you calculate a shipment’s density so you can properly describe the goods on the bill of lading. The total weight of the shipment is divided by the total cubic feet to determine the density.

The National Motor Freight Traffic Assocation (NMFTA) has defined a National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) system, which is used to assign a freight class to your shipment, which, in turn, determines how much it will cost to ship it. There are 18 different classes that range from 50 (least expensive) to 500 (most expensive). The freight class is determined based on the value, fragility, ease of handling and perishability of the content, and by density (weight and dimensions).

If the shipment is palletized, use the dimensions of the pallet, the combined height of the carton plus the pallet, and the total weight of the shipment. In the illustration shown here, the dimensions would be 48″x40″x28″.

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