How It Works

The best freight servicesRates and Service

Our system not only allows you to compare the 80+ carriers we have under contract based on price, but service too.  Moreover, not just their service standards, but actual performance based on the thousands of shipments handled monthly for our clients.

Premium Service

Beyond that, several carriers offer premium service to ensure delivery on a certain date, and even time of day.

Cargo Liability

Another factor in pricing is limits on cargo liability.  When you use our system, it displays the maximum cargo liability for each carrier for that shipment.

Additional Insurance

If necessary, you can purchase additional insurance with just a click, and print your policy with another click.


Nobody likes claims.  However, things happen.  Knowing this, we have established a claims department to take much of the burden off you.  For your convenience, you can view the status of any claim right from your main screen.

Multi Department Functionality

Many companies like the convenience of providing access to our system to several people in their organization.
Multi-Department Functionality

  • Shipping
    • Rating and selecting carriers
    • Printing shipping documents
    • Convenient tracking as needed
  • Accounting
    • A/R – View shipments so they can invoice customers, and add freight charges if those are the terms.
    • A/P – Easily access records for freight payment processing
  • Sales
    • Quickly obtain freight quote. This saves time, and empowers the sales associate to close the sale on the spot.
  • Purchasing
    • Can save money by looking at the delivered cost. Simply ask the supplier what the cost would be if the freight is included, or if shipped freight collect. Then quickly obtain freight quote and determine the best terms.
  • Management
    • Can have an overview of all other departments

Of course, there are other factors like prompt pick up, etc., when selecting a carrier.  That is why you are in control of the final decision.  However, it is easy to get the best freight rate when you have the right tools.

The best part is, there is no cost, or obligation!