Benefits of Carrier Rate 2.0

CarrierRate 2.0 will help you manage your full shipment life cycle from quote to delivery with the best available TMS (Transportation Management System). Customers, agents, and the bottom line will all benefit from using Carrier Rate 2.0 for transportation management.

This new and improved TMS has robust capabilities, making the transportation process is as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

Features Include:

Laptop displaying freight quotes
desktop displaying freight quotes

  • Quote and book LTL shipments
  • Manage BOL’s and POD’s
  • Shipment tracking
  • User management
  • Full accounting control and claims visibility
  • Online payment
  • Quote truckload and expedited
  • Basic search capability
  • Density calculator
  • Advanced multi-location user management
  • Visual representations of tracking
  • Smoother and cleaner user interface
  • Real-time chat with your account rep
  • Industry leading visual data reporting
  • Carrier scorecard
  • Freight spend reporting
  • Shipment boards
  • Unprecedented exporting ability
  • Save quotes for 30 days
  • Advanced address book and product list features
  • Online help
  • Advanced comprehensive search functionality

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